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Citizen Shimon, The Kid from Detroit, America's Son: JFK Jr, and Maestro at Home documentaries are part of the "ICONS in their own words" series completed in 2016 and executive produced by Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti

The series, filmed with Robert DeNiro, Kathleen Turner, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Mitt Romney, Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, Andrea Bocelli, and the Kennedy family members, also features Bill Clinton, Queen Elisabeth, Sean Penn and numerous others with global name recognition from Mohammed Ali to a Pope! 

ICONS are selected among original content in the Daphne Barak Library, consisting of more than 300 original content, including heads-of-state, Hollywood stars and entertainers with worldwide name recognition


These world renown personalities were originally filmed when they were in the news, making history. Most of the footage in library has never been released. ICONS series documentaries combine footage from this vast, exclusive, never before released library footage with newly filmed interviews


Barak conducts all interviews with the ICONS

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Citizen Shimon

Filmed with President of Shimon Peres of Israel and his choice of two Hollywood stars: Robert DeNiro and Kathleen Turner. Here with Kathleen at the Trump International Hotel in New York for the filming. Last documentary with the late President who narrates the history of modern Israel since the beginning when he was assisting David Ben-Gurion, Israeli politician, Zionist leader, prime minister of Israel (1886-1973)

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The Kid from Detroit

Filmed with Kid Rock. Here with Sheryl Crow at her home. Mitt Romney was the other celebrity Kid pointed at to include in this documentary. Great choices. Both Sheryl and Mitt were fund to spend time with. We enjoyed it. It was also pleasant filming with Kid. Daphne interviewed long before. The Doc has footage from both filming.

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Maestro at Home

Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie were the two musicians invited to become part of the documentary with Andrea Bocelli. Muhammed Ali and the Pope also made appearance in the documentary. They were not the only one. Even George Clooney appears breifly It is a great joy to learn about Andrea's mother and family values, all the while to listen him sing.

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America's Son: JFK Jr

Filmed with 35 members of the Kennedy family, during their visit to New Ross, Ireland, commemorating 50th anniversary of the 33rd President of the US's paying visit to his heritage. Kennedys invited Daphne and Erbil to be part of their delegation. Erbil captured this very memorable look of Caroline, published in the Daily Mail in the UK. As for documentary, Daphne and Erbil dedicated it to JFK Jr's memories, telling little bit about his story.

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